Our clients

Professionals of cafes, hotels, restaurants, professionals of catering out of home, in France and abroad

To increase, facilitate and make profitable the service of the wine by the glass


  • Wine served at the right temperature
  • Precision of the volume served
  • Permanent information on the number of glasses served and stock situation
  • No more losses or waste
  • Wine served until the last drop and every consumption is recorded
  • No more bulky and fragile bottles
  • Empty bags take up less space than a school notebook
  • Curated wine lists are available


  • Whether at a restaurant, a bar or in a lobby, guests can enjoy a glass of wine whenever they want
  • During seminars, work meetings, cocktails, wine can be served either by staff or self-service with a prepaid card
  • To increase sales, you can create animations around the wine and the device

Holiday clubs and cruise lines operators

  • Edgar offers a quality and continuous by-the-glass service (24/24)
  • Served by staff or self-service, free or paid, all options are possible
  • The machine contains 3 packs of 5 L or a service of more than 120 glasses of wine, saving time and management for staff

Department stores

  • Wine section animation
  • Wine tasting
  • Self service wine tasting with prepaid cards for food courts
  • Promotion tool for distribution outlets

Corporate and community restaurants – Coworking places

  • A proposal for 3 light wines for meals or happy-hours
  • A self-service system with the possibility of paying with a prepaid card
  • Aperitifs become a real pleasure without constraint of management of the wine and its service
  • A specific offer for executive clubs


  • Simpler wine transport with no need for refrigerated trucks
  • No more lost or waste
  • No more ice buckets, the wine is served continuously at the right temperature, either by the service staff or directly by guests
  • Edgar allows to create animations around the wine