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Wine by the glass refashioned

  • Packs versus bottles
  • Easier with less storage
  • Precise level of wine served
  • Preservation up to 8 weeks without oxidation and without the need for food gases
  • Wine at the right temperature
  • No more waste, no more corked wine
  • Speed of service: 150+ glasses per hour
  • Automation of the service
  • Tracking of consumption
  • Easy management
  • Real-time availability of data and dashboards
  • Wine information
  • Freedom of choice of wines (our
    curated winelist or your own selection)
  • Ability to use the machine in
    self service
  • Contactless payment available in option
  • Flexible branding available for packs and devices

Wine by the glass, a new era with Edgar

by Sophie Blum, cofounder and president of Mywah

The wine market is in turmoil. Today, we consume less wine, and we consume it differently. Women and young urban professionals, in particular, are often intimidated at the thought of buying a bottle. Between a Bordeaux and a Languedoc wine, which one to choose? How to avoid waste? How to have fun with moderation? Those new consumers favor wine by the glass in the places they frequent: convivial spaces, food courts, third places, coworking spaces …

To revitalize the sector, we must follow these new trends and accompany them with today’s technologies. Ensure that young customers can choose a glass of good wine of 10 cl, for example, rather than a soda.

The priority is to modernize and facilitate the service of wine by the glass. Until now, no wine dispenser has been really satisfactory. Most of the time, they use glass bottles and a food gas system: an unecological and impractical device that does not meet the values ​​and aspirations of this new clientele.

The solution exists and it’s called Edgar, an innovative and design vending machine. The result of three years of research and development in a young French company (Mywah), Edgar allows three different wines to be served at their right temperature, immediately and continuously.

For the professional you are, this is a significant time and money saver: our wine dispenser can serve more than 150 glasses per hour. Each glass is precisely dosed: no loss or pouring. In addition, Edgar can be used in self-service with a contactless payment system, a valuable asset when your staff is overwhelmed. With a finger on the screen, you can opt for a glass or pitcher, and even choose the volume of each glass or pitcher.

Edgar also exempts you from opening the bottles: the wine is packaged in three 3 or 5 liter eco-refills that preserve the qualities of the product up to 8 weeks after opening (they are airtight). The eco-refill is light, reliable, unbreakable, easy to transport. It empties to the last drop. And, when empty, it holds up less space than a school notebook. It is fully recyclable: much more environmentally friendly, therefore, than the traditional glass bottle. Its life cycle analysis (LCA) is better than that of all other packaging (cardboard, BIB, plastic bottle, can, etc.)

Edgar is responding to the demands of today’s consumers. And it allows CHR professionals to increase their turnover. It keeps them informed, in real time, of sales and inventory status. It saves time: no need to manage a refrigerated cellar, no need to open the bottles. When an eco-recharge is empty, the machine notifies you, via its screen or on your smartphone, and you replace it in the blink of an eye.

Edgar interests not only restaurants and hotels, but also caterers, supermarkets, cruise lines, vacation clubs, campsites, etc. It responds particularly well to the needs of new convivial spaces.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to show you all the advantages of this innovative wine bar, in tune with our times.