Our position

Wine by the glass refashioned

  • Packs versus bottles
  • Easier with less storage
  • Precise level of wine served
  • Preservation up to 8 weeks without oxidation and without the need for food gases
  • Wine at the right temperature
  • No more waste, no more corked wine
  • Speed of service: 1 glass every
    15 seconds i.e., 240 glasses per hour
  • Automation of the service
  • Tracking of consumption
  • Easy management
  • Real-time availability of data and dashboards
  • Wine information
  • Freedom of choice of wines (our
    curated winelist or your own selection)
  • Ability to use the machine in
    self service
  • Contactless payment available in option
  • Flexible branding available for packs and devices

How Edgar revolutionizes the service of wine by the glass

Wine by the glass? It’s not a trend anymore, it’s a fact. «In restaurants, people want to have the ability to choose their wine. At home, an amateur wants to drink a glass from time to time without having to open a bottle», says Sophie Blum, co-founder and president of MYWAH. «For a restaurant owner, it’s a real headache. They must store the bottles, serve each wine at its right temperature, fill each glass neither too much nor too little, handle the empty bottles, etc.»

The solution? An innovative wine dispenser, named Edgar. The result of 3 years of research and development within MYWAH. «Edgar is able to serve three different wines at their right temperature, immediately and continuously», says Sophie Blum. No more glass bottles: the wine is packaged in a Bag Innov® that preserves the qualities of the product. Light, reliable, unbreakable, easy to carry, the Bag Innov®, once empty, takes up less space than a school notebook. Bag Innov® will soon be fully recyclable: much more eco friendly than the traditional glass bottle.

«Edgar is shifting the service of wine by the glass in the world of the twenty-first century», says the president of MYWAH. Allowing professionals such as cafés/bars, hotels, restaurants (“CHR”) to increase their turnover. Edgar keeps them informed, in real time, of the sales and the state of the stock. It’s time-saving with no need to manage a refrigerated cellar, and no need to open bottles. «When a Bag Innov is empty, the device automatically sends an alert, via its display or a smartphone, and you just replace it in the blink of an eye».

Edgar can be used by service staff as well as self-service by the customer, through a contactless payment system. «Hotels are interested in our wine bar because customers have the opportunity to pour a drink in the lobby without the intervention of a bartender», says Sophie Blum. «Edgar is also an excellent solution for catering business during events».

Of course, Edgar will not replace a sommelier in a starred restaurant. «It’s not our ambition. Our objective is not to become a new wine supplier in the CHR market neither. The objective is to modernize the wine by the glass service», insists the president of MYWAH.