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Reduce your carbon footprint

Less waste – No more losses

  • Our eco-refill pouch is a packaging respectful of the product. Once opened, wine preservation shows up to eight weeks, without oxidation and without food gas
  • Compared to other packaging (glass, cardboard, BIB, plastic bottle), our eco-refill pouch offers the best Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report
  • Less transport, less handling, less waste: Edgar’s carbon footprint shows better result than a bottle
Save money

Automation of the by-the-glass service

  • Edgar can be used behind the bar or self service
  • Contactless payment available in option

No more waste

  • Our eco-refill pouch pours till the last drop
  • The corked wine does not exist anymore with this innovative packaging
  • The volume poured into each glass is totally under control. And you’re the one who determines it
Save space

Space saving by decreasing refrigerated storage

  • Pouches are stored at room temperature as Edgar offers a cooling system.

Ultra-light, unbreakable and space-saving packaging

  • Our eco-refill pouch is 30 times lighter than a bottle, easy to transport and handle. Once empty, it takes up less space than a school notebook.
  • No more empty bottles to get rid of
Time saving

Fast machine allowing a quick and autonomous service

  • Installing pouches into the machine is fast and easy (faster than opening a bottle)
  • No need to replace pouches too often, each pack contains up to 6 bottles
  • Fast service : 1 glass every 15 seconds, i.e. 240 glasses per hour
Simplify your work

A smart device offering immediate and accurate information on consumption

  • Edgar offers dashboards to follow, analyze and improve sales
  • Edgar sends alerts in advance when it’s time to replace a pouch, complete your inventory or schedule maintenance
  • No more leaking problems: you have a complete overview of the used quantities