The Device

EDGAR WINE BUTLER = 1 smart device + 1 packaging + 1 digital factory

EDGAR, a smart wine dispenser in an elegant design


Displays all relevant information (origin, vintage, varietals, tasting notes, ideal temperature, maintenance of unit)

Immediate calibration of ideal wine temperature

Each wine is served at the ideal temperature immediately

Ventilation system

Improves the taste and quality of wines

WiFi connection system

Allows remote management of the machine and its supplies
Allows real time data tracking of data, consumption, stock…


3 wines packaged in 5 liter eco-refill pouches = 15 l = 20 bottles of wine

Precision in delivery

No staff needed for the service

Self service and contactless payment option

Each glass is served with the same amount of wine

MYWAH uses recyclable eco-refill pouches,

much more convenient packaging than a bottle

Eco-refill pouches

Reliable, unbreakable, easy to transport, stable to the last glass


2 months after opening and it empties to the last drop

Weight and Dimensions

Each 5 liter bag weighs 30 times less than 6 bottles of wine

Once empty, our eco-refill pouch takes up less space than a school notebook

RFID chip

Each pack will have an RFID ID chip to communicate

with the MYWAH server and the machine

Only our packs can be used by the wine bar

Carbon footprint

Compared to other packaging (cardboard, glass, BIB, plastic bottle),

Our eco-refill pouch is the one with the best Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

MYWAH has developed a connected digital factory, a real marketplace for wine,

to facilitate, trace and manage all stages of the wine by the glass service chain

A real-time view of consumption

You know at any time how many glasses of wine have been consumed and the status of your stock

Data for all

Which wine is the most successful ? When is the highest wine consumption during the day ?

Mywah answers all these questions

Invoicing Management

Invoice for wine selling

Contactless payment with prepaid card, credit card or smartphone

Product Sourcing

Each wine pack is identified and registered in the server

Machinery park

Each machine gets its own login, all events are registered

Tools for everyone

Website, tablet / smartphone application to order, invoice tracking, manage inventory