Young people love innovative wines

The 18-35 years old are definitely a strange age group. They are unfamiliar with wine, which appears to them as a somewhat intimidating world, with its codes and rituals. They consume three times less than the average French. At the same time, they show a lot of curiosity about this universe: 56% want to learn more about wine(1).

Seven out of ten say they drink wine, but only occasionally. The younger they are (18-24 years old), the more they prefer beer and strong spirits, more associated with the party in their minds. But the taste and knowledge of wine come to them over the years, and the 25-35 age bracket is gradually approaching the average consumption of the French.

At the same time, this generation is very open to new things. They are interested in aromatic, foreign, low or non alcoholic wine. At home, no fetishism for the glass bottle or the cork: the boxed wine does not scare them, nor does a bottle with a screw cap.

In this age group of 18-35, women show the most affinity for wine. They particularly appreciate white and rosé, champagne and fluffy wines, which they like to drink “amongst girls” during the aperitif.

(1) Ifop / Vin & Society survey, 2016.